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The California Librarians Black Caucus operates independently and proudly affiliates with the Black Caucus of the American Library Association. While our members may also be affiliated with other professional organizations such as ALA, ACRL, PLA, CLA, among others, our primary focus lies in expanding local interests within our profession and creating opportunities to enhance our professional image. Through dedicated efforts, we aim to foster community engagement, promote diversity, and advocate for equity within the library profession. Join us as we work together to uplift and empower Black librarians in California and beyond.

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Annual dues (January to December)

New member / renewing member  $30/yr.
Currently Enrolled Library Science Student(free membership)
Retired  $25/yr.

Please make checks or money orders payable to:

California Librarians Black Caucus.  

Twenty percent of membership dues directly support the Southern or Northern Scholarship funds based on your location.  

Additional contributions to the scholarship funds and other donations are welcomed. Please specify in the membership section.

Please send the CLBC Membership Application to:
CLBC, P.O. Box 882276, Los Angeles, CA 90009


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