The California Librarians Black Caucus is a statewide organization with branches in northern and southern California. This organization was established in 1972 to eradicate inequities facing African Americans in the library workplace; to function in the state of California as an ombudsman for African American communities regarding the provision of library and information services; to promote and promulgate literature and information by and about African Americans; to evaluate and contact publishers regarding the quality of published materials by and about African Americans; and to challenge libraries statewide to provide maximum access to such materials

The California Librarians Black Caucus is an independent organization, not affiliated directly with the American Library Association, the Black Caucus of the American Library Association, or the California Library Association. While our members may be affiliated with other professional organizations, our focus is expanding local interests in our profession and expanding opportunities to enhance our professional image

Past Officers 

Joseph Atkinson, LAPL
Betty Blackman, Retiree
Jené Brown, LAPL
Reginald Constant, Laney College
Billie Frierson, Retiree
Karin Griffin, Cal State Long Beach
Sonja Hannah, LAPL
Linda Jolivet, Retiree
Sharon Johnson, Compton Public Library
Denise McIver, CAAM
Pat Toney, OPL

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California Librarians Black Caucus

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